Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Qradips Show 3

The Qradips Show 3
Fallen Thru The Earth's Crust Episode

01-Queso-Can I Have It Like That?
(Bob Dylan vs Pharrel)
02-MP3J-Tomorrow Never Knows Closer Rock 'n Roll
(Beatles vs Smash-up Derby)
03-Angry Mofo-A Vegas Story
(Englebert Humperdinck vs Tysta)
04-Alec Smart-Back Once Again
(Wild Child vs Lynyrd Skynyrd)
05-Aggro1-Lynyrd Skynyrd simple man vs Gorillaz feel good inc.
06-DJ Prince-Funky Cold Ding Ding
(Tone Loc vs Michael LeGrand)
07-Irn Minky-The Enemy Overture-One Minute Of Madness
(The William Tell Overture vs Public Enemy)
08-Totom-You Know These Boots Are Getting Smaller
(Lee Hazlewood vs Nine Inch Nails)
09-Pilchard-Tony Crackburn
(Tony Crackburn Orchestra vs The Who Boys vs Les Baxter)
10-El Barto & Liam B-Michael Jackson Is The Devil
(Michael Jackson vs Rolling Stones)
11-Essexboy-Chick-A-Boom Lifestyles
(Beastie Boys vs Mocean Worker)
12-Bug-Fly Me To The Moon Starman
(Frank Sinatra vs David Bowie)
13-Bug-Johnny Be Good To Frankie
(Johnny Cash vs )
14-Radiohead-Creep '08 (Copycat Remix)
15-Budtheweiser-Sgt.Pepper Today,Tomorrow The World
(Beatles vs Ramones)
16-Victor Menegaux-Blitzkreig Crunk
(Ramones vs Lil' Jon)
17-DJ Useo-Klangs Of Jupiter
(Scruffy The Cat vs Chemical Brothers)


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