Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Qradips Show 15

The Qradips Show Playlist 15


02-Stab-My 9mm girl (Woohoomygirl version)
(45 King vs Temptations)
03-RIAA-Laid Bamba
(James vs Richie Valens)
04-Juxtaposeur-Hush The Doorbell Up
(White Stripes vs Sumone)
05-DJ Riko-For Those About to Clown
(Angus Young vs Smokey Robinson vs John Bonham)
06-Knackwurst-Schnappi Das Poisonous Krokodil
(Schnappi vs Prodigy)
07-Phil RetroSpector-Ricky
(Rick Astley vs Bill Conti's 'ROCKY 'theme')
08-Mp3j w/ Tizwarz-You Know Our Style
(Paul McCartney vs Nas)
09-Voicedude-Wang Of Fire (Johnny Cash vs Wang Chung)
10-RIAA-Johnny SKAsh (Johnny Cash vs Bad Manners vs
Skatalites vs Wall of Voodoo vs
'cartoonish sound effects galore')
11-G3rst-Bloom To Me (Nirvana vs Koop)
12-DJ Magnet-i'm Just Raw Fever
(Lyrics Born vs Peggy Lee vs Beastie Boys)
13-DJ Zebra-Ya Bossy (Kelis vs. Rachid Taha)
14-Frenchbloke & Son-Children's TV Theme Number One
15-Huerzo-MacArthur, I & Myself
(Depeche Mode vs Richard Harris)
16-Poj Masta-Oh Yeh!?
17-Party Ben-Single Ladies (In Mayberry)
(Beyonce vs The Andy Griffith 'theme')
18-Colatron-Dope Your Mama Up
(Serge Gainsbourg w/ Jean Claude Vannier vs Scissor Sisters)
19-'Unknown'-Jocko Rolfo Plus 3 (Devo vs Rolf Harris)
Acid Missile (Sigue Sigue Sputnik vs Binum)



The Qradips Show 14

1 - Searching for green sex onions - Chav & Daze
2 - I Like To Move It Lonesome Road - DJ Useo
3 - Take Five of My Favourite Things - Aber N. Stein
4 - Sue me if my big yellow taxi goes too fast - DJ Paysano
5 - sloop john river - Agent Graves
6 - Harley - Pilchard
7 - Shake Your Rump - Mambo Chutney
8 - Bully Blaster - Cygh
9 - Gloria's Ranking Full Stop - DJ Magnet
10 - Wild Side Chica - DJ Schmolli
11 - Foolish To Need Someone to Rescue Me From The Message - Kid-KO
12 - Only_When_Im_Bluegrass_hifi - Bigchin
13 - Natural shake the room - Soond Bwoy Production
14 - The Jig is Never Up (Drunken Sailor Mix) - Qubic
15 - Don't Let It Be (Medley) - MP3J
a. Lady Petrushka.
b. Do Useo Want To Know A Secret
c. Petrushka Rocks My Name
d. Ace Of Jude
e. Petrushka, The One I Love
f. Jude And Petrushka



The Qradips Show 13

Qradips Show 13


01-DJ Roy Batty-Der Snoopisar ('Technical Error Version')
(Falco vs Snoop Dogg)
02-Stab-Fix Up Look Hairy
(Dizzee Rascal vs Gay Against You)
03-Pomatic-Say Phone Home
(Lil' Wayne vs Wiz Khalife)
04-tHc-Remember Allison
05-Phil Retrospector-The Good,The Bad,& The Creepy
(Radiohead vs Hugh Montenegro)
06-Rob-Cheech's Van Zeppelin Boards)
(Cheech & Chong vs Led Zeppelin vs
Boards Of Canada vs Van Halen)
07-Judge Dreadfull-Daft Headmaster
(Smiths vs Daft Punk)
08-DJ Morgoth-Never Gon'na Give Up The Small Things
(Blink 182 vs Rick Astley)
09-DJ Fergie Ferg-Heart Of Jesus Walks
(Kanye West vs )
10-Faroff-Franz Tranz
(Franz Ferdinand vs CSS vs Stealers Wheel)(+)
11-Eve Massacre-Happy Ending Or Screwed
12-DJ Useo-Strychnine Girl (Strict Version)
(Garbage vs Fuzztones vs Crookers)
13-DJ Useo-Automatic Revolution 9
(Superchumbo vs Ultranate vs The Beatles)
14-DJ Useo-Experienced Psycrepes
(Devo vs Paranormal Attack vs Exaile)
15-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-DJ Useo-Jazz Deliciously Sampled
(The Bonzos vs Norman Cook)



The Qradips Show 10

The Qradips Show 10 Playlist


01-Mash-O-Bator-Pump It Bat
(The Pumped Version)
(B.E.P. vs Batman 'Theme')
02-Bug-Guns Don't Kill People,Tequila Do
03-Totom-Lil'Rockawayne Beach
(Lil' Wayne vs Ramones)
04-DJ Bigdad-Tipsy vs Pump That Body
(J-Kwon vs Three 6 Mafia)
05-DJ BC-Da Sound Of Da Irish Police Band
(Krs-1 vs 'Some Irish Fiddling')
05-Apollo Zero-
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth 2.0
(Meat Loaf vs Giorgio Moroder vs Sioban Faye)
06-Ccc-Let's Shack
(B-52's vs Rolling Stones)
07-Merc-I Can't get No Nice Age
(Rolling Stones vs YMO)
08-DJPeaking-Goodbye O rinoco Bitch
(Prodigy vs Enya)
09-Autopilot-Betty Boy
(Spiderbait vs John Denver)
10-Eight-You Remind Me
(Dixie Chicks vs Usher)
11-Mr.10ec-A Good-Hearted Little Bitch
(50 Cent vs Waylon Jennings)
12-Bug-Johnny Be Good To Frankie
(Johnny Cash vs Chuck Berry)
13-Roundbog-Jesus Christ What Time Is It?
(The 45 King vs The KLF vs Andrew Lloyd Webber)
14-DJ Useo-Beaker Solution
(Muppets vs Pete Tong)
15-Unreleased Exclusive-DJ Useo-Sonic Fang
(They Might Be Giants vs Def Con 5)
16-Lizard Cake-What I Want
(The Flying Lizards vs Cake)


The Qradips Show 12

Qradips Show 12 Playlist
01-El Barto & Liam B-Nice Weather For Elvis (Elvis vs Lemon Jelly)
02-Bobby Martini-My Obsession With The Magic Roundabout
Music Sounds Better With You
(Animotion vs Magic Roundabout Theme vs Stardust)
03-Bobby Martini-Shady Snooker Player (Pot Black Theme vs Eminem)
04-DJ Earlybird-Worth a Cookie (Buffalo Springfield vs Brother Soul)
05-Pilchard_Lite-High5Music (Hawaii 5-O Theme vs Madonna)
06-The Mills Brothers-Red Red Robin (Irn Mnky Turntablised MIx)
07-Bug-Happy Devil
08-G3RSt-Lose Your Ta-Ta-Ta (Eminem vs André van Duin)
09-DJ Clive$ter-Coin Operated Firestarter (Dresden Dolls vs. Prodigy)
10-DJ Magnet-Enter Mr. Sandman (Meta11ica vs. Justice vs. the
11-G3RSt-Bloom To Me (Nirvana vs Koop)
12-Go Home Productions-Sergeant Smile (Beatles vs Brian Wilson)
13-The Geez-Whole Lot'ta Coconut (Harry Niilson vs Led Zeppelin)
14-DJ Earlybird-Another boot in the wall (Pink Floyd vs Nancy Sinatra)
15-DJ Hdd-9 to 5 With The Gay Muppets (Muppets vs Electric Six)(Edit)
16-Mr.Mee-Antidance (Vocal)
17-NoUse-Simpsons Movin' (Beastie Boys vs Simpsons)
18-Ex-Dublxero-Lonely Call To Arms (Fast Version)
19-DJ Morgoth-Ace Of Spades Feels Good [Gorillaz vs. Motorhead]
(The Four Postmen vs Magik Johnson)
21-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-MP3J-Lady Petrushka (Beatles vs DJ Petrushka)



All-Halloween Tracks Qradips Show 11

Here's a recorded copy of my
latest The Qradips Show.

There's nawt but Halloween tracks,
& the listeners told me it
was completely MAD! Lol!

It's a half hour longer than normal,
but that's a good thing.

The Qradips Show 11 w/ Count Konrad Von Useo
All-Halloween Tracks Special


01-Miss Frenchie-These Are The Eyes (Spooky Breaks Mix)
02-Guv'nor vs Celebrity Murder Party-Hey Monsta
03-World Famous Audio Hacker-Spooky (Arcade Horror Remix)
(World Famous Audio Hacker vs. Classics IV)
04-DJ Clive$ter-The Megablast Of Dragula
05-RIAA-I Needs My Witches (Gary Glitter vs Frank Sinatra)
06-DJ_Magnet-Witchcraft Season
(Frank Sinatra vs The Zombies vs The Cure)
07-DiscoDoc-Witchy Woman, MD
(Eagles vs Armand Van Helden)
08-Voicedude-You Should Be The Witch Queen
(Tom Jones Vs. Bee Gees)
Take Me Away (Creeps vs Napoleon IX)
10-Cheekyboy-Monsters Dare (Gorillaz vs Monster Rap)
11-KrazyBen-Monster Of The Crypt
12-Dunproofin'-Black Metal Monster
13-MP3J-I Want To Bite Your Hand
14-The Who Boys-Pump Up The Pumpkin
15-Mr Fab-Cannibal Zombie Mom
16-DJ Boasty-Purple People Eater (Remix)
17-DJ Useo-Nobodies Mountain King
(Marilyn Manson vs Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra)
(2008 Remaster)
18-DJ Useo-Spirit Got Lost In The Inner Marshland
(Mental As Anything vs The Bevis Frond)
Bela Lugosi Is Dead Or Alive
(Bauhaus vs Oingo Boingo)
Monster P.E.T.R.O.L. Mash (Misfits vs Orbitol)
21-DJ Useo-Halloween Hands Of Death (Ministry vs Alice Cooper f/ Rob Zombie)
22-Heywood Banks-Only By The Ghouls Who Are Dead
(DJ Useo Remix)
23-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Michael Jackson w/Vincent Price-
Thriller Medley (w/ Voicedude,Budtheweiser,DJ Useo,Atom,Laidback Luke,Corporation,DJ Topcat,Pimpdaddysupreme) (DJ Useo Mix)
24-Rockwell-Somebody's Watching Me
(ATOM's Infrared Pickup Mix)



The Qradips Show 9

The Qradips Show 9 w/DJ Useo


01-Alex C-Popcorn! Bitch! (Prodigy vs Hot Butter)
02-DJ Riko-For Those About to Clown (Angus Young vs Smokey Robinson vs John Bonham)
03-E40 f/ Keak da Sneak-Tell Me When To Go (Agentlovelette Pressure Pop)
04-Mr.Tortazo-Sweet Happiness (Eurythmics vs Tomcraft)
05-The Smiths-In My Life (Jamie G Remix-Edit)
06-10000 Spoons-Charly Knows I'm Miserable Now (Smiths vs Charly)
07-10000 Spoons-I Like Cricket (Admiral T & Lovy Jam vs ?)
08-Fine Young Cannibals-She Drives Me Crazy (DJ Boasty Remix)
09-DJ Clive$ter-Being Rolled (Big Beat Remix)(Limp Bizkit vs. Human League)
10-Pilchard-Fox Problems (Jimi Hendrix vs. Jimi Bo Horne vs. Eric B & Rakim)
11-PoeticFuture-When The Levee Gets a Lil Dope (Led Zeppelin vs Masters At Work)
12-Mr. 10ec-Walk on the Apache Side (Lou Reed vs. Scooter)
13-Mixomatosis-Aleatoric Acid (Making Love To Linn Mix)
14-DJ Useo-Sticky Cat (Dave Lasher vs Dusty Kid)
(from DJ Useo-Halloween ep 2008)
15-Eve Massacre-My Little Sister Just Discovered ...
(Modeselektor vs Art Brut vs Rufus Wainwright vs Wiley vs Whomadewho)


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The Qradips Show 8

Here's the latest Qradips show.
It features four exclusive tracks by me,
a mini-mix tribute to The talented
UK bootlegger MP3J,
& lots of mashup madness
by others.

The Qradips Show 8 playlist


(Trio vs Kraftwerk)
02-G3rst-Friends Around The Clock
(Bill Haley & The Comets vs The White Stripes)
03-Cheekyboy-The Knack vs The Ting Tings
04-Dr.Waumiau-Short Dick Ghostbuster
(20 Fingers vs Michael Jackson)
05-DJ Nono-Happy Happy Joy Joy
(The Radio Man vs Syncopix vs Ren & Stimpy vs
Lighthouses and Companies)
06-The Tony Crackburn Orchestra-Nutria X-Ray
(Ken Nordine vs. Sub Focus)
(Bob Dylan vs Van Halen)
08-DJ Clive$ter-(My First) Big Things
(Wall Of Voodoo vs Tocadisco ft. Chelonis R Jones)
10-The Illuminoids-I'm a Girl U Want
(The Monkees vs. Devo)
11-Budtheweiser-Novocaine Queen (Sex Pistols vs Queen)
12-Terminus J.Threnody-Twist & Shout Blues
(Beatles vs John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
featuring Eric Clapton)
13-They Might be Giants-S-E-X-X-Y (
Kendal Mintcake Total Remix)
(The Unknowns vs Man With No Name)
15-mARKYbOY-My Mate Smokey ((Smokey Robinson
vs Amy Winehouse)
16-DJ Lobsterdust-Pussycats Gone To Heaven
(Pussycat Dolls vs Pixies)
17-DJ Useo-MP3J Mini-Mix



The Qradips Show 7

The Qradips Show w/DJ Useo 7 Playlist


01-Crookdimwit-Mash Up the Shoesaw (Fatboy Slim vs 'as'st')
02-Party Ben-Ooh La La Summer Nights
(The Wiseguys vs. Olivia Newton John & John Travolta)
03-DJ Earlybird-It Wasn't Funkytown (v2)
(Shaggy vs Lipps Inc.)
04-'Uncredited'-Halkelis (Halcali vs. Kelis)
05-Don Amott King of Country-Copperhead Crack
(Steve Earle vs Kelis)
06-Yaz-Don't G01101111 (Skkatter Remix)
07-Poet-Punctuated December (v2)
(Frank Zappa vs Jay Z)
08-Michel Sardou-Le Lac Des Conneremax (Mad Martigan Remix)
09-Team9 vs. Stereogum-When Will My Cheated Heart
(Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. Diana Ross)
10-Ex-Dublxero-Nookies Don't Lie (Limp Bizkit vs'?')
11-Johnny Cash Allstar Band-God's Gonna Cut You Down
(DJ Schmolli Remix)
12-DJ Clive$ter-Entertaining Dinosaur
(Scott Joplin vs. Was Not Was)
13-The Who Boys-Stayin a Firestarter
(The Bee Gees vs The Prodigy)
14-Dropbass-Hillbilly Britney
(Britney Spears vs '?')
DJ Useo-Oolite Clam
(Elvis Presley vs Ozric Tentacles vs The Trashmen)
16-DJ Useo-Astro Strangeness
(Full Intention vs Astro Sounds From The Year 2000 vs The Bevis Frond)
17-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-DJ Useo-Mercedes Superstar
(Janis Joplin vs Jesus Christ Superstar)


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The Qradips Show 6

More Qradips madness with the mashups
you love given a strange twist!

The campfire special comes to you with a
Texan twist,& some cool tracks by
Instamatic,Bangers & Mash,Bug,Budtheweiser,
Party Ben,Miss Frenchie,DJ MXR & many more.

With a special campfire sing-a-long & the exclusive unreleased DJ Useo track-
Babys On Edit (Eno vs Art Of Noise).

The Qradips Show w/ DJ Useo 6 - Campfire Edition


01- Rolf Harris Touches Himself Everytime He
Thinks About You / Dublxero

02- Can I Have It Just Like That / Bug

03-Madison Heartbreak / Instamatic

04-Funkier than a Mosquito's Tweeter re / Bangers & Mash

05-Pump it Bat [final] / Mash-O-Bator

06-Fly me to Sloop John B / BudtheWeiser

07-Rising Damp Remix / Bianco

08-Buy Me A Combine Harvester / Bug

09-Across The Universe / DJ Useo w/ Mr.Mee

10-Let's Love On the Road / DJ MXR

11-Thank God I'm a Country Boy (Country Remix) / Party Ben

12-DEVO-vs-BootyBass (Stereomix) / Jankenpop

13-Don't Let The Man Get You Down / Miss Frenchie

14-I Want PBJ / Plur

15-Papadecoder / Pilchard


(Eno vs Art Of Noise) / DJ Useo

17-Ca Bitch Pour Moi / Devolve


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The Qradips Show 5

The Qradips Show 5 w/DJ Useo (July_15_2008)
---If Yu Can Read This Yu're Too Cool
-mashups off kilter
Global DJ Network
Qradips are Mashups


01-DJ Yoda-Lamacq (Live Pt. 1)(a'st)
02-Dinbot-Hot-Buttered Bizkits (Hot Butter vs Limp Bizkit)
03-RIAA-(I'm Not Your) Council Estate
(Tricky vs Monkees vs Manhattan Strings
vs Minor Threat vs Gal Costa vs
drag race sound fx record, beat vs Los Straitjackets)
04-DJ Useo-Spy Vs Underground
(Mouloud & The Sonic Destruction vs Brian Briggs)
05-McSleazy-Ska-ter Boi (Selector vs Avril Lavigne)
06-Osymyso-California Nightmare
(Mama's & The Papa's vs Micronauts)
07-Akira Kawahara-Brown Toothed Girl
(Obie Trice vs Van Morrison)
08-The Who Boys + Tony Crackburn Orchestra-
(in the) Kitchen at Parties (Jona Lewie)
09-Pilchard-The Tony Crackburn Orchestra-Cat TWIN
(Aphex Twin vs The Aristocats vs Sonic Youth)
10-Bug-Five Six Seven Eight Homer (Simpsons vs )
11-DJ Crookair-H To The Brandenburg Izzo
(Jay-Z vs. Johann Sebastian Bach)
12-Lionel Vinyl-Owner Of A Lonely Butt
(Yes vs Sir Mix-a-lot)
13-DJ Pantshead-Junga Nova Soul
( vs )
14-Pop Razors-Monkey Man (Specials vs )
15-Deep Disco Force-Instant Mashmeister
(Trio vs Richie Valens)
16-DJ Tripp-How Many Licks To Constantinople
(Lil' KIm vs TMBG)
17-DJ Useo-Everybody Farewell Tonight
(Wang Chung vs Sound Of Music 'sdtk')



The Qradips Show 4

The Qradips Show 4 w/DJ Useo (July_8_2008)
---If Yu Can Read This Yu're Too Cool
-mashups off kilter

IT IS TO LAFF comp here-


01-The Pop Up DJ(andrewherring)-Vanessa Loves Daniel
(James Blunt vs )
02-M.C.Python(The Geez)-Voodoo Banter Rap
(Jimi Hendrix vs Monty Python's Flying Circus)
03-McSlimey & The Teletubbies(andy_s)
-McSlimey & The Teletubbies Do The Salmon Dance
(Teletubbies vs )
04-Cockster(DJ Clive$ter)-Let There Be Ladies
(Beastie Boys vs )
05-DJ Tunedeaf(virtualDJ)-Bring The Bird
(Public Enemy vs )
06-SoulWhacker(mr fab)-Everytime You Touch Titties
07-Donald Schlongbad(dj midas)-Ducks Are Still Having Sex
[Quickie XXX Edit]
08-Brighton Drag Queen Massacre(budtheweiser)-Tourettes 678
(South Park vs )
09-DJ Margot(dj morgoth)-Bambi Umbrella
10-DJ Breakfast Burrito(king.of.pants.)-Turd Night!
11-DJ M. Aynot Feed(dj m.i.f.)-Get Ur Typewriter On
(Missy Elliot vs )
12-Bob Parr(juxtaposeur)-Oh Supermash
(Laurie Anderson vs )
13-DJ Meaningless(dj useo)-Sister Mary Driver
(Gary Sharp vs Green Yortex Club)
14-SoulWhacker(mr fab)-Smells Like Your Muddah
(Allan Sherman vs Nirvana)
15-DJ Sick My Duck(dj fac/swiss cheese)-Do The Roseman
(Bart Simpson vs )
16-Anastasia Beaverhausen(alpha1999)-Blue Hotel Remix
(Chris Isaak vs )
17-DJ KITTKARR(alpha1999)-When Knights Cry
(Knight Rider Theme vs )

Frikkenfrack collection here-

18-DJ Useo-Nobodies Mountain King
(Marilyn Manson vs Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra)
19-DJ Useo-The Fucking XDDT Moon (Jobs For America vs ECC)
20-DJ Useo-Fuckin' 'Ell It's Forbidden Planet
(Half Man Half Biscuit vs Louis and Bebe Barron)
21-DJ Useo-Unhealthy Army Oysters
(Art Of Noise vs Invalid Media Type)
22-DJ Useo-Little Neutrino Bridge
(Fergie vs Klaatu)
23-Exclusive-DJ Useo-United States Of Clinic (Live)
(Liam Lynch vs Clinic)

The Qradips Show 3

The Qradips Show 3
Fallen Thru The Earth's Crust Episode

01-Queso-Can I Have It Like That?
(Bob Dylan vs Pharrel)
02-MP3J-Tomorrow Never Knows Closer Rock 'n Roll
(Beatles vs Smash-up Derby)
03-Angry Mofo-A Vegas Story
(Englebert Humperdinck vs Tysta)
04-Alec Smart-Back Once Again
(Wild Child vs Lynyrd Skynyrd)
05-Aggro1-Lynyrd Skynyrd simple man vs Gorillaz feel good inc.
06-DJ Prince-Funky Cold Ding Ding
(Tone Loc vs Michael LeGrand)
07-Irn Minky-The Enemy Overture-One Minute Of Madness
(The William Tell Overture vs Public Enemy)
08-Totom-You Know These Boots Are Getting Smaller
(Lee Hazlewood vs Nine Inch Nails)
09-Pilchard-Tony Crackburn
(Tony Crackburn Orchestra vs The Who Boys vs Les Baxter)
10-El Barto & Liam B-Michael Jackson Is The Devil
(Michael Jackson vs Rolling Stones)
11-Essexboy-Chick-A-Boom Lifestyles
(Beastie Boys vs Mocean Worker)
12-Bug-Fly Me To The Moon Starman
(Frank Sinatra vs David Bowie)
13-Bug-Johnny Be Good To Frankie
(Johnny Cash vs )
14-Radiohead-Creep '08 (Copycat Remix)
15-Budtheweiser-Sgt.Pepper Today,Tomorrow The World
(Beatles vs Ramones)
16-Victor Menegaux-Blitzkreig Crunk
(Ramones vs Lil' Jon)
17-DJ Useo-Klangs Of Jupiter
(Scruffy The Cat vs Chemical Brothers)


The Qradips Show 2

The Qradips Show w/DJ Useo 2


01-Go Home Productions-Kaw Liga X
(Residents vs Liberty X)

02-DJ Paul V-ElectromagneticWords(v2)
(Chicks On Speed vs Freeform Five
03-Highcue-Ganja Aromatherapy Over Baghdad Survivor
(Destiny's Child vs Adam Freeland vs Outkast vs Benji)

04-Hoagiekat-Blue Yaka (M-Beat vs Blue Peter)

05-Lenlow-Kanye Mahna (Kanye West vs Cake)

06-Tick-A Fifth Of Rump (Beastie Boys vs Walter Murphy)

07-A Plus D-Beethoven's Fifth Gold Digger(tweaked)
(Kanye West vs Walter Murphy)

08-Soobrosa-Dynamic Duo-The Billkillies Goes Coast To Coast
(Tomoyasu Hotel vs Family Affair & Bad Intentions)

09-Irn Minky-Ordinary Trousers (Ordinary Boys vs Madness)

10-Being For The Benefit of Mr. K.I.T.T
(Beatles vs Knight Rider 'Theme')

11-Voicedude-Everybody's Free On Brokeback Mountain
(Quindon Tarver Vs. Gustavo Santaolalla )

12-DJ Paysano-Sue Me If My Big Yellow Taxi Goes Too Fast
(Joni Mitchell vs Prince)

13-Excelents-Gentle On My Ballroom Blitz
(Glen Campbell vs Sweet)

14-MP3J-DiscoDuckLove (v2)
(Beatles vs Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots)

15-ProcessoRTournesol-(johnny bootleg)-Holloback Talkin'
(Gwen Stefani vs Harry Nillson)

16-Aggro1-Dirty Deeds Will Rock You (AC/DC vs Queen)

17-Qubic-Working Class Stigmata [iRadio Edit]
(Ministry & Co Conspirators vs. Marianne Faithfull)

18-DJ Useo-Peaches En Regalia For You
(Britney Spears vs Frank Zappa)



The Qradips Show 1

This is first of many shows to come.
Enjoy the special closing section
of tracks from the Beatles Remixers Forum.

DJ Useo
The Qradips Show 1
June 3rd 2008
01-Elephants On Parade - Alex H
02-My Other Car Is A Beatle - Chaos Productions
03-No Milk For The Lucky Man - DJCBoast
04-There's The Doorzzzz - Pop Razors
05-Tricky Wipeout - RIAA
06-Peaches are Born Slippy - Fidelski
07-Simon Says Bagpipe - DJ Useo
08-Encore Blitz - DJ Tripp
09-AstroTimmy! - DJ Useo
10-Bounce 2 Hardstyle Bubbles In The Wine - DJ Useo
11-Stayceesmomzabitch - Agent Lovelette
12-Cartman's Star 69 - Budtheweiser
13-cartymix-the turtles-happy together-teenage remix Ooh Ooh Baby
14-There she goes holdin your hand der bootles - phil retrospector
15-In His Own Write - bdj
16-All You Need Is Kiss - DJ Useo
17-They're Coming To Take Me Pie - mp3j
18-Day Shacker - The Geez