Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Qradips Show 12

Qradips Show 12 Playlist
01-El Barto & Liam B-Nice Weather For Elvis (Elvis vs Lemon Jelly)
02-Bobby Martini-My Obsession With The Magic Roundabout
Music Sounds Better With You
(Animotion vs Magic Roundabout Theme vs Stardust)
03-Bobby Martini-Shady Snooker Player (Pot Black Theme vs Eminem)
04-DJ Earlybird-Worth a Cookie (Buffalo Springfield vs Brother Soul)
05-Pilchard_Lite-High5Music (Hawaii 5-O Theme vs Madonna)
06-The Mills Brothers-Red Red Robin (Irn Mnky Turntablised MIx)
07-Bug-Happy Devil
08-G3RSt-Lose Your Ta-Ta-Ta (Eminem vs André van Duin)
09-DJ Clive$ter-Coin Operated Firestarter (Dresden Dolls vs. Prodigy)
10-DJ Magnet-Enter Mr. Sandman (Meta11ica vs. Justice vs. the
11-G3RSt-Bloom To Me (Nirvana vs Koop)
12-Go Home Productions-Sergeant Smile (Beatles vs Brian Wilson)
13-The Geez-Whole Lot'ta Coconut (Harry Niilson vs Led Zeppelin)
14-DJ Earlybird-Another boot in the wall (Pink Floyd vs Nancy Sinatra)
15-DJ Hdd-9 to 5 With The Gay Muppets (Muppets vs Electric Six)(Edit)
16-Mr.Mee-Antidance (Vocal)
17-NoUse-Simpsons Movin' (Beastie Boys vs Simpsons)
18-Ex-Dublxero-Lonely Call To Arms (Fast Version)
19-DJ Morgoth-Ace Of Spades Feels Good [Gorillaz vs. Motorhead]
(The Four Postmen vs Magik Johnson)
21-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-MP3J-Lady Petrushka (Beatles vs DJ Petrushka)



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