Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Qradips Show 2

The Qradips Show w/DJ Useo 2


01-Go Home Productions-Kaw Liga X
(Residents vs Liberty X)

02-DJ Paul V-ElectromagneticWords(v2)
(Chicks On Speed vs Freeform Five
03-Highcue-Ganja Aromatherapy Over Baghdad Survivor
(Destiny's Child vs Adam Freeland vs Outkast vs Benji)

04-Hoagiekat-Blue Yaka (M-Beat vs Blue Peter)

05-Lenlow-Kanye Mahna (Kanye West vs Cake)

06-Tick-A Fifth Of Rump (Beastie Boys vs Walter Murphy)

07-A Plus D-Beethoven's Fifth Gold Digger(tweaked)
(Kanye West vs Walter Murphy)

08-Soobrosa-Dynamic Duo-The Billkillies Goes Coast To Coast
(Tomoyasu Hotel vs Family Affair & Bad Intentions)

09-Irn Minky-Ordinary Trousers (Ordinary Boys vs Madness)

10-Being For The Benefit of Mr. K.I.T.T
(Beatles vs Knight Rider 'Theme')

11-Voicedude-Everybody's Free On Brokeback Mountain
(Quindon Tarver Vs. Gustavo Santaolalla )

12-DJ Paysano-Sue Me If My Big Yellow Taxi Goes Too Fast
(Joni Mitchell vs Prince)

13-Excelents-Gentle On My Ballroom Blitz
(Glen Campbell vs Sweet)

14-MP3J-DiscoDuckLove (v2)
(Beatles vs Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots)

15-ProcessoRTournesol-(johnny bootleg)-Holloback Talkin'
(Gwen Stefani vs Harry Nillson)

16-Aggro1-Dirty Deeds Will Rock You (AC/DC vs Queen)

17-Qubic-Working Class Stigmata [iRadio Edit]
(Ministry & Co Conspirators vs. Marianne Faithfull)

18-DJ Useo-Peaches En Regalia For You
(Britney Spears vs Frank Zappa)



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