Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Qradips Show 1

This is first of many shows to come.
Enjoy the special closing section
of tracks from the Beatles Remixers Forum.

DJ Useo
The Qradips Show 1
June 3rd 2008
01-Elephants On Parade - Alex H
02-My Other Car Is A Beatle - Chaos Productions
03-No Milk For The Lucky Man - DJCBoast
04-There's The Doorzzzz - Pop Razors
05-Tricky Wipeout - RIAA
06-Peaches are Born Slippy - Fidelski
07-Simon Says Bagpipe - DJ Useo
08-Encore Blitz - DJ Tripp
09-AstroTimmy! - DJ Useo
10-Bounce 2 Hardstyle Bubbles In The Wine - DJ Useo
11-Stayceesmomzabitch - Agent Lovelette
12-Cartman's Star 69 - Budtheweiser
13-cartymix-the turtles-happy together-teenage remix Ooh Ooh Baby
14-There she goes holdin your hand der bootles - phil retrospector
15-In His Own Write - bdj
16-All You Need Is Kiss - DJ Useo
17-They're Coming To Take Me Pie - mp3j
18-Day Shacker - The Geez


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