Friday, January 25, 2013

Hey Everybody.
Believe it or not,
I'm readying the necessary files
to post up all 100

It won't be right away,
but it won't be too long.

75 of these have NEVER
been posted, only broadcast!

Cross your fingers for luck,
it won't be long!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Qradips Show w/ DJ Useo 27

The Qradips Show w/ DJ Useo 27 playlist

01-DJ Moule-Sympathy For Teen Spirit
(Rolling Stones vs Queen vs Nirvana)
02-Pilchard-Fox Problems
(Jimi Hendrix vs Jimi Bo Horne & Eric B & Rakim)
03-DJ Lobsterdust-American Justice
(Guess Who vs Mstrkrft f/ Nate Dogg)
04-Go Home Productions-Don't Hold Back,Sweet Jane
(Chemical Brothers vs Velvet Underground)
05-Rolling Stones-Gimme Shelter (Illuminoids Remix)
06-Irn Minky-Paper Man (M.I.A. vs The Verve)
07-Headphoneboy-Some Bliss Among The Cuckoo Cloud
(Sasha vs David Bowie)
08-The Boot League-Groove Is In The Back Hole Sun
(ToTom Edit) (Soundgarden vs Deee-Lite)
09-Ruff Muff-La La Her Madly
(Doors vs Goldfrappe)
10-DJ Useo-See Emily Keep Da Vibe Alive
(Pink Floyd vs Riot 303 vs Observer)
12-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-DJ Useo-Mmm Times Going Slower
(The Three O'Clock vs DJ Redeye)
13-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-DJ Useo-Incense & Peppermints Roxx
(The Strawberry Alarm Clock vs Ziggy X)
(The Mad Violets vs Van Halen)


Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Qradips Show 28

The Qradips Show 28


01-DJ Zebra-Rock The Banjos
02-Wax Audio-Staying ALive In The Wall
(The BeeGees vs Pink Floyd)
03-Mad Martigan-Les Bronzes font Du Ska
04-DJ Zebra-The Good The Bad & The Clash
05-Ivor Biggun & The D-Cups-The Wanker Song
(Partz vs The World Remix)
06-G3rst-Are You Gon'na Go Futurama?
(Lenny Kravitz vs Futurama)
07-Alex C-Baywatch Changes
08-Stab-Ice T vs Toto (Scratch Chorus Version)
09-Wobbly-Clawing Your Eyes Out Down To Your Throat
10-Invisible Skratch Pikkelz-White Label Edit
11-Evolution Control Committee-Rocked By Rape
12-Buchanan & Goodman-The Flying Saucer
13-DJ Useo-Unhealthy Army Oysters
(Art Of Noise vs Invalid Media Type)
RPM Mongoloid (Devo vs Sugar Ray)
15-Negativland-U2 (Special Radio Mix)
16-Faultside-Gwen's Alrm Clock
(Gwen Stefani vs The Alarm)


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The Qradips Show 26

Qradips Show 26


01-DJ Le Clown-No More Walls
(Pnau vs Pink Floyd vs Country Joe MacDonald vs Lennon)
02-Pilchard+Tony Crackburn Orchestra
-Monks on TV 3 (Dub Syndicate vs Stooges
vs Enduser vs William Burroughs)
03-Ninjas Not Pirates-Set It Off (Rayn Or Shine Mix)
04-BDJ-L.A Universe (Doors vs Beatles)
05-Dsico-Hey Pop Slut (Suck My C*ck Mix) (Police vs ?)
06-RIAA-Itsy Bitsy Short Dick Man
07-Unreleased Exclusive-DJ Useo-Crazy Balls
(South Park's Chef vs Team Radio)
08-WButane-Excerpt 1
10-Comedy Central-Har Har Har-Hilarious One-liners
11-Radiohead-Creep (Phineas Remix)
12-Bug-Wandering Allstar
14-Gingersteve-Finally on the Choctaw Hayride
15-G3RSt-No Squirrel No Cry
(Squirrel Nut Zippers vs Bob Marley)
16-The Reborn Identity-Where Did Kid Rock Go?
(The Supremes vs Kid Rock)


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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Qradips Show 25b - Best of part 2

" 25-b playlist

(All Useo Tracks)


01-Viva La Emergency (Coldplay vs Wolfgang Gartner)
02-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Pussycat Get Around (d3 d4 vs Oakenfold f/
Brittany Murphy)
from the upcoming album-CONTACT (For Demonstration Purposes Only)
03-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Massive Bear Cage (The Stranglers vs Crookers)
04-Babys On Edit (Art Of Noise vs Brian Eno)
from BRUISEO (For Demonstration Purposes Only)
05-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-All You Ever Think About Is Sexy Boy
(Sparks vs Air)
06-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Bentley's Gon'na Move Any Mountain
(The Shamen vs Bentley's Rhythm Ace)
from CONTACT (For Demonstration Purposes Only)
07-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Vertigo People Are Strange
(Doors vs U2 vs Skitzofrenix vs Marcel Woods)
08-Bounce 2 Hardstyle Bubbles In The Wine
(The Lawrence Welk Orchestra vs Dj Alligator vs Blutonium Boy)
from Frikkenfrack 2:DJ Useo's Strangest Boots
(Butthole Surfers vs d.N.i.)
10-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Peaches En Regalia For You
(Britney Spears vs Frank Zappa)
from Frikkenfrack 2:DJ Useo's Strangest Boots
11-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-I Enjoy Being A Full Love Boy
(They MIght Be Giants vs Minimoonstra)
(Elvis Presley vs Ozric Tentacles vs The Trashmen)
from Frikkenfrack 2:DJ Useo's Strangest Boots
13-Strychnine Girl (Strict Version)
(Garbage vs Fuzztones vs Crookers)
from DJ Useo-Halloween ep 2008
(They Might Be Giants vs Defcon 5)
(Wall Of Voodoo vs Tocadisco ft. Chelonis R Jones)



The Qradips Show 25 - (Best Of - part 1 )

Qradips Show 25-a

(Best Tracks From The First 24 Shows)


01-DJ Yoda w/ DJ Spinbad-Lamacq (pt.1)
02-Pop Razors-There's The Doorzzzz
03-Tony Crackburn Orchestra-Nutria X Ray
04-Brighton Drag Queen Massacre (aka Budtheweiser)-
Tourettes 678 (South Park vs Rednex)
05-DJ Pantshead-Junga Nova Soul
06-'uncredited'-Jocko Rolfo Plus 3 (Devo vs Rolf Harris)
07-Ex-Dublxero-Nookies Don't Lie
08-G3rst-Bloom To Me (Nirvana vs Koop)
09-Go Home Productions-Pinocchiohead On LSD
(Pinocchio vs Radiohead vs The Beatles)
10-DJ John-Rockin Down The House with Rum & Coca Cola
(Andrews Sisters vs MI 7)
11-Dsico-This Is Missy Country
12-The Freelance Hellraiser-Marshall's Been Done To Death
(Eminem vs 'As'st'
13-The Gumbyoids-To Be With W.C. Fields Forever
(Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera vs Firesign Theatre)
14-G3rst-Friends Around The Clock
(Bill Haley & The Comets vs The White Stripes)
15-RIAA-Guess I'm Falling Into Bubbles
16-RX-My Name Is RX


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The Qradips Show 24

DJ Useo-The Qradips Show 24


01-RIAA-Beastie Butt (Beastie_Boys vs Butthole Surfers)
02-Bug-Hate My Bike
03-Rx-My Name Is RX
04-DJ Cellist-Ninja Snatch
05-Arctic Monkeys-When The Sun Goes Down (FakeID's Scummy mix)
06-Damian Marley-Jamrock [Poj Masta's Jammy Dodger mix]
07-Dj MiLK-Spandex Eyes
08-DJ MXR-I Travel Twilight Zone
09-Depeche Mode-John The Revelator (Soundhog's 1972 Mix)
10-Bianco-Lose Your Doop
11-Solcofn-Anytime You Want Skulls (The Who vs Slacknote)
13-DJ Czech-Mercedes Blenz
14-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Good Acid Moon Sex (Mr Zip w/ vs Binum)