Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All-Halloween Tracks Qradips Show 11

Here's a recorded copy of my
latest The Qradips Show.

There's nawt but Halloween tracks,
& the listeners told me it
was completely MAD! Lol!

It's a half hour longer than normal,
but that's a good thing.

The Qradips Show 11 w/ Count Konrad Von Useo
All-Halloween Tracks Special


01-Miss Frenchie-These Are The Eyes (Spooky Breaks Mix)
02-Guv'nor vs Celebrity Murder Party-Hey Monsta
03-World Famous Audio Hacker-Spooky (Arcade Horror Remix)
(World Famous Audio Hacker vs. Classics IV)
04-DJ Clive$ter-The Megablast Of Dragula
05-RIAA-I Needs My Witches (Gary Glitter vs Frank Sinatra)
06-DJ_Magnet-Witchcraft Season
(Frank Sinatra vs The Zombies vs The Cure)
07-DiscoDoc-Witchy Woman, MD
(Eagles vs Armand Van Helden)
08-Voicedude-You Should Be The Witch Queen
(Tom Jones Vs. Bee Gees)
Take Me Away (Creeps vs Napoleon IX)
10-Cheekyboy-Monsters Dare (Gorillaz vs Monster Rap)
11-KrazyBen-Monster Of The Crypt
12-Dunproofin'-Black Metal Monster
13-MP3J-I Want To Bite Your Hand
14-The Who Boys-Pump Up The Pumpkin
15-Mr Fab-Cannibal Zombie Mom
16-DJ Boasty-Purple People Eater (Remix)
17-DJ Useo-Nobodies Mountain King
(Marilyn Manson vs Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra)
(2008 Remaster)
18-DJ Useo-Spirit Got Lost In The Inner Marshland
(Mental As Anything vs The Bevis Frond)
Bela Lugosi Is Dead Or Alive
(Bauhaus vs Oingo Boingo)
Monster P.E.T.R.O.L. Mash (Misfits vs Orbitol)
21-DJ Useo-Halloween Hands Of Death (Ministry vs Alice Cooper f/ Rob Zombie)
22-Heywood Banks-Only By The Ghouls Who Are Dead
(DJ Useo Remix)
23-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Michael Jackson w/Vincent Price-
Thriller Medley (w/ Voicedude,Budtheweiser,DJ Useo,Atom,Laidback Luke,Corporation,DJ Topcat,Pimpdaddysupreme) (DJ Useo Mix)
24-Rockwell-Somebody's Watching Me
(ATOM's Infrared Pickup Mix)



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