Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Qradips Show 18

The Qradips Show 18 playlist
01-Renegade baby come back-Stab
02-Chainsawcore (ramones, mantronix, dynamix II, quadrant 6, ice t)-
Kitty Glitter
03-Klumpnaek On It-Unseemly Zanthorj'lazk & Them Apokalipstik
04-Mentasm Groove-tizwarz
05-SmileNova-Jimmi Jammes
07-Waiting for Temper (Velvet Underground Vs Gorillaz Vs Prodigy)-Dj
08-I wanna be Christina's Dog (The Stooges vs Xtina )-Divide & Kreate
09-Fox Problem-Pilchard
10-Always with you (Willie Nelson vs U2)-Divide & Kreate
11-Baby I Got Your Discovery Channel (ODB VS Bloodhound Gang)-DJ Boasty
12-The Witness Parade (Roots Manuva vs Armando Trovaioli +as'st)-
13-Suffragette Money-Jimmi Jammes
14-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Jump Wizard (The Who vs Oxley) (Quadrophenia
Mix)-DJ Useo
15-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Me So Echo (2 Live Crew vs Luke Dzierzek)-DJ
16-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Are People Apollo 9 ? (Adam Ant vs Depeche
Mode)-DJ Useo
17-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-Show Me Laser Eyes (The Sifl & Olly Show vs DJ
Gizmo)-DJ Useo


The Qradips Show 17

The Qradips Show 17 playlist
01-Go Home Productions-Pinocchiohead On LSD
(Pinocchio vs Radiohead vs The Beatles)
02-Pop Razors-There's The Doorzzzz
(Doors vs Pop Razors)
03-RIAA-Guess I'm Falling Into Bubbles
04-DJ M.i.F.-Aint No Ding Ding Mighty (Dub Cats vs. Christina)
05-DJ French Fry feat. dj BC-I Wonder Why Elephants Have Trunks?
06-DJ Earworm-Britney's Leaving Home
(Britney Spears vs. The Beatles)
07-Lee Spoons-Monkey Klaxons (Pixies vs The Klaxons)
08-Clayton-F*ck ### Megamix
(Clayton vs. ### vs. King Tubby vs.
Jatin Lalit vs. Sergio del Rio vs.
Fernandinho Beatbox vs. Herb Alpert)
09-DJ Clive$ter-Pump Up The Convoy (C.W. McCall vs. MARRS)
10-The Who Boys-AudioCline (Patsy Cline vs Audiovent)
11-IrnMnky-Under Mi Air Guitar
12-DJ BC-Sugar Shop (Archies vs 50 Cent)
13-Hi Brid-Batman Can't Buy Me Love (Beatles vs Nelson Riddle)
14-Lenlow-Aretha World Aretha Worrrld
15-DJ Le Clown-Gypsy Claire (Jimi Hendrix vs B-52s)
16-Frenchbloke-Meine Bizkit
(Landscape vs Green Nuns Of The Revolution)
18-ToTom-Hey Dance it up Cosmic Ya
(T.Rex vs Outkast vs The Damned)


The Qradips Show 16

Qradips Show 16 Playlist
01-Irn Minky- Johnny Cash Rules Everything Around Me
(Johnny Cash vs Wu-Tang Clan)
02-Virtual DJ-Give My Tears Some Shelter
(The Rolling Stones vs Amy Winehouse)
03-Aber N. Stein-Gimme Some Supermassive Green Onions
(Muse vs Booker T)
04-Bloodhound Gang-Fire Water Burn
(Budtheweiser's Swearing Donkey Mix)
05-Jimmi Jammes-Louie's Boots Part 2 (Louie's Kitchen)
(Doors vs The Kingsmen)
06-Voicedude-In MMMy Bop Life (Beatles vs Hanson)
07-DJ Boasty-Can I Have A Mambo Like That
(Lou Bega VS Pharrell And Gwen Stefani)
08-LCO-Rock Lobster Taffy (D4L vs B-52s)
09-RIAA-The Lonely Woman
10-The Brothers Brown-The Third Milkshake
(Kelis vs Zither Gertrud Huber)
11-Windy Miller-Kelis The Fastest Milklady In The West
12-'uncredited'-Drop It Like It's The Birdie Song
(Snoop & Pharrell vs The Tweets)
13-RIAA-Kick Bob Marley In The Head
(Bob Marley vs Dean Martin)
14-Bug-Duanes' Ciara (Duane Eddy vs Ciara)
16-Dannyman-Atomic Busstop (Blondie vs The Hollies)
17-DJ Useo-God Save The Lollipop
(Sex Pistols vs Dada ft Sandy Rivera & Trix Appy)