Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Qradips Show 25 - (Best Of - part 1 )

Qradips Show 25-a

(Best Tracks From The First 24 Shows)


01-DJ Yoda w/ DJ Spinbad-Lamacq (pt.1)
02-Pop Razors-There's The Doorzzzz
03-Tony Crackburn Orchestra-Nutria X Ray
04-Brighton Drag Queen Massacre (aka Budtheweiser)-
Tourettes 678 (South Park vs Rednex)
05-DJ Pantshead-Junga Nova Soul
06-'uncredited'-Jocko Rolfo Plus 3 (Devo vs Rolf Harris)
07-Ex-Dublxero-Nookies Don't Lie
08-G3rst-Bloom To Me (Nirvana vs Koop)
09-Go Home Productions-Pinocchiohead On LSD
(Pinocchio vs Radiohead vs The Beatles)
10-DJ John-Rockin Down The House with Rum & Coca Cola
(Andrews Sisters vs MI 7)
11-Dsico-This Is Missy Country
12-The Freelance Hellraiser-Marshall's Been Done To Death
(Eminem vs 'As'st'
13-The Gumbyoids-To Be With W.C. Fields Forever
(Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera vs Firesign Theatre)
14-G3rst-Friends Around The Clock
(Bill Haley & The Comets vs The White Stripes)
15-RIAA-Guess I'm Falling Into Bubbles
16-RX-My Name Is RX


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