Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Qradips Show 22

The Qradips Show 22
All Beatles Remixers Show


01-Beat Junkies-Welcome to Yesterday (The Beatles vs Eskimos & Egypt)
02-DJ Useo-Ahead Mr.Kite (Beatles vs Wire
03-MP3J-United States Of Rain (Liam Lynch vs The Beatles)
04-Wax Audio-Come To Nazareth
05-Plastic Ono Band-Cold Turkey [IDC Remix]
06-The Geez-Day Shacker (Beatles vs B-52's)
07-BDJ-In His Own Write (John Lennon vs The Beatles)
08-Ccc-Good Day Sunshine (Beatles vs. Byrds vs. The Who
09-UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE-DJ Useo-Because Eleanor (Beatles vs Beatles)
10-PataMixical Science-That Bulldog Better Leave My Kitten Alone
11-Ringo Best-Something Pork (Beatles vs Pharcyde)
12-DJ Useo-Inner Light On My Mind (The Beatles vs Freemasons)
13-The Beatles-Birthday (Beatles Remixers Group Remix)
14-BDJ-Help (Beatles vs Peter Sellers)
15-Budtheweiser-Sgt Pepper Today Tomorrow The World
(Ramones vs Beatles)
16-MP3J-Rock'n Me Back (Beatles vs Steve Miller Band)
17-MadMixMustang-Sgt Pepper's Rocksteady Band
18-BDJ-L.A Universe (The Beatles vs The Doors)
19-Phattbuzz-Across The Pond (John Lennon vs RSSO Universe)


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