Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Qradips Show 17

The Qradips Show 17 playlist
01-Go Home Productions-Pinocchiohead On LSD
(Pinocchio vs Radiohead vs The Beatles)
02-Pop Razors-There's The Doorzzzz
(Doors vs Pop Razors)
03-RIAA-Guess I'm Falling Into Bubbles
04-DJ M.i.F.-Aint No Ding Ding Mighty (Dub Cats vs. Christina)
05-DJ French Fry feat. dj BC-I Wonder Why Elephants Have Trunks?
06-DJ Earworm-Britney's Leaving Home
(Britney Spears vs. The Beatles)
07-Lee Spoons-Monkey Klaxons (Pixies vs The Klaxons)
08-Clayton-F*ck ### Megamix
(Clayton vs. ### vs. King Tubby vs.
Jatin Lalit vs. Sergio del Rio vs.
Fernandinho Beatbox vs. Herb Alpert)
09-DJ Clive$ter-Pump Up The Convoy (C.W. McCall vs. MARRS)
10-The Who Boys-AudioCline (Patsy Cline vs Audiovent)
11-IrnMnky-Under Mi Air Guitar
12-DJ BC-Sugar Shop (Archies vs 50 Cent)
13-Hi Brid-Batman Can't Buy Me Love (Beatles vs Nelson Riddle)
14-Lenlow-Aretha World Aretha Worrrld
15-DJ Le Clown-Gypsy Claire (Jimi Hendrix vs B-52s)
16-Frenchbloke-Meine Bizkit
(Landscape vs Green Nuns Of The Revolution)
18-ToTom-Hey Dance it up Cosmic Ya
(T.Rex vs Outkast vs The Damned)


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